Natural sites & historical heritage

Natural sites

The Ardeche is an area of beautiful nature, the extreme varieties of landscape which can change in a matter of a few kilometres. Mountains, hills, plains and flat ground follow one another, and water has carved a diversity of remarkable sites including: the Gorges of the Ardeche and its celebrity : the Pont D’Arc, the valley of Ibie, the waterfall at Ray-Pic, the lake Issarles, sources of the Loire, Aven of Orgnac (great site of France), Balmes of Montbrun, and the volcanos of Coiron and its view-points. Forests of mountains or Mediterranean scrub, it is natural, wild and preserved which is offered to you, in particular in the Regional Natural Park of the Mounts of Ardeche for which this campsite, situated at the edge of the river Ardeche offers you an ideal base.

The historical heritage

The Pont d'Arc Cave (listed at the Unesco World Heritage) is one of the "must see" during your stay in Ardeche. Castles, churches and old villages of character are all around the campsite, including Mirabel and its square tower, the Castle of Aubenas, Vogue, Rochecolombe and Balazuc, the Roman theatre of Alba-la-Romaine. You have a lot to see whithin a few kilometres around our campsite.